Qualities of an Ideal Legal Translator

Nowadays, your own country seems too insufficient for the satisfaction of your cultural, educational, artistic and even legal knowledge. It is true that many people have their eyes on your legal system and the laws that bind and free your people. They could be from other countries or even from the same country with different languages. If it is not the access to the legal study, then it is the language that poses a problem. In some situations, it can become crucial for you to be crystal-clear about the laws of a place, especially in international scenario. A mistake in interpreting a country’s law can lead to major consequences for the involved parties and the translator, as well. An ideal legal translator is judged by the following qualities -

* Focus on the language – Remember that the process of translation is ultimately about the language in the original document and the one, it is being translated to. If the translator does not get the language part right then he/she should not be in this field. The language does not, by any means, include a word-for-word translation. The significance of the text should shine clearly through the translation, along with the cultural connotations. It is vital because that could change the whole meaning and lead to legal penalties.

* Be Versatile – The broader your knowledge spectrum, the better you are suited for legal translation. Your versatile knowledge will be more useful in a lot of legal aspects than the specialized one in just one area. You should have deep understanding of the clients, their needs and know about the little but crucial aspects of the case during the period when you consult with the client. You should be able to make productive judgment calls. Translators comprehend cases minutely from every aspect including language, style, tone, subtext, etc, so that its essence does not slip by. Translators do not need to win a case or possess qualities to make one.

* Legal plus administrative skills – Background employees in the legal circles are often ignored, when they are actually the ones who are hard-working and efficient at the administrative side of this job. Big-shot lawyers with a fluent tongue can be inappropriate for this job, because this job is for the people who are not looking for attention, are excellent at creating networks and can deal with a lot of data and long working hours.

Translation services have reached new heights in efficiency, accuracy and sensitivity to other’s culture and dialects. The amount of skills a legal translator should have is complex, intricate and has a broad-based spectrum. This is because he is simultaneously part of two professions; law and translation, which demand curracy and balanced thought. This, combined with other required skills, becomes a challenging job.

Online Degrees – Fields of Study

With online universities becoming more and more popular, it is now more convenient to earn a college degree. And with online degrees, gone is the excuse that the degree you want is unavailable at your local college or university. Online universities wipe away state borders and eliminate the need to pack up and move close to a campus college to earn a degree. In fact, there is such a wide range of online degrees available that the problem won’t be where to go, but what online degree to pursue. Here are some of the online degrees that are available today.

Online Art and Design Degrees
Online art and design degrees include online degrees such as computer graphics and design, fashion design and merchandising, game design and website design and development. As companies have in-house design teams, people with computer graphic expertise continue to be in demand. If you have a passion for visual arts and want to learn how to communicate company message through your designs, then art and design is the direction for you.

Online Business Degrees
Online business degrees include online degrees such as accounting, business administration, business management, communications, finance, human resources, international business, management information systems, marketing, and of course, the MBA. As the economy thrives on businesses, online business degrees are very versatile and useful in every industry.

Online Computers and Engineering Degrees
Online computers and engineering degrees include online degrees such as computer programming, computer science, information technology, network management, and software engineering. If you are looking for job stability, then a degree in computers and engineering is the way to go. At the speed that technology continues to advance, those with technical expertise will continue to be highly sought after.

Online Criminal Justice and Legal Degrees
Online criminal justice and legal degrees include online degrees such as criminal justice, homeland security, legal studies and paralegal. If you have an enthusiasm with law enforcement, then criminal justice and legal would be your path. Whether you want to join the ranks of your local police department or work in a court, there is an online criminal justice and legal degree for you.

Online Education Degrees
Online education degrees include online degrees in education and teaching. Whether you want to teach children in kindergarten or prepare high school students for college entry, you need to learn how to prepare class syllabuses and develop curriculum.

Online Health and Human Services Degrees
Online health and human services degrees include online degrees such as health care administration, health education, health science, human services, medical assisting, RN to BSN and sports management degrees. There will always be a need for healthcare workers. From nurses working in hospitals to sports coaches working for high school sports teams, those with the knowledge and background to care for people will always be needed.

Online Social Science and Psychology Degrees
Online social science and psychology degrees include online degrees such as economics, fire science, history, political science, psychology, and sociology. If current events intrigue you, then the social science and psychology field is the way to go as you will learn insights to explain the behavior of people, whether it be one individual or a collective group.

Online Degrees in Every Field
As you can see, online degrees are available in almost every field. Whether you want to enter the field of business, teach high school students, or design video games, your online degree is waiting for you. Start your online degree search today!

Online Degree Program – Earn A Degree In Paralegal Studies

Paralegals work for attorneys, assisting the lawyers and legal advisors in substantial legal works. Paralegals are the persons who are trained to handle legal issues, prepare, review and file the legal documents. As the need for qualified paralegals continue to grow in conjunction with the increase of job market demands in private practice law firms and corporate law departments. If you are interested to start your career in Paralegal field, you will be opened to many paralegal career opportunities after you earned the qualified degree. With the available of online education, you have option to earn a paralegal degree through online degree program.

A certification in legal studies will help you enter the paralegal field, but if you own a bachelor of science in paralegal studies, it will increase your chances of securing a paralegal job opportunity against your competitors. You have two options to earn your credential in paralegal: (1) on hold your current job and go back to school to study paralegal courses, or (2) pursuing the paralegal degree online through online degree programs and maintain your current job and life style. Both options cover almost the same curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking skills, legal research techniques and advanced office skills. Besides learning the basic knowledge in legal research and writing, business law and alternative dispute resolution, you can choose to specialize in areas such as personal injury, estate and property law or bankruptcy.

Unless you prefer to attend physical class, online study has advantages against the traditional class-based courses in term of flexibility and convenient in learning. The best part of online degree program is you don’t have to rearrange your life to go back to school, meaning that if you are a working individual, you do not need to give up your current job while you are pursuing the paralegal degree online. As long as you do a proper time management, you can balance your study with professional and family obligations.

Most online degree programs are taken into consideration for the busy schedule of working individuals, that’s why the online study programs allows the most flexibility for you to plan your own study time so that it fixed into the rest of your schedule. With the online education, geography factors can be ignored when you are considering a degree of your interest. You almost can attend the online classes from anywhere even if you are on travel to other country, provided you have connection to internet.

The geography-less online degree program will enable you to take the paralegal degree program offered by any university as long as the university has classes located on the internet. There are many universities offer online degree programs in legal studies including University of Phoenix, Kennedy-Western University, Kaplan University, Devry University International, Walden University, Keiser College and University of Maryland University College. The only thing you need to be aware before beginning your studies online, make sure the program is accredited.


Paralegal field is a rapid growth area with full of career opportunities for those who are interested to enter the field. Earning a qualification in paralegal studies will increase your advantages in securing your career future. And, online degree program gives you a highly personalized option to balance your current living style with your study.

Reasons Why Legal Studies Are Important in The Australian School Curriculum

According to any law in any part of the world, ignorance of it wouldn’t excuse you from it. This is probably one of the reasons why Australian curriculum implemented Legal Studies as part of their subjects before students can go to college. Implementing Legal Studies as part of Year 11 and Year 12 aims to make Australian graduates aware of the legal concepts and terminologies that would come in handy as they reach legal age and perform legal matters.

Why is this subject important especially for someone entering college? Here are some reasons as to why it becomes a crucial part of the Australian curriculum these days.

Avoid Legal Circumstances in the Future

Given the jargons and the complicated laws stipulated in the Australian constitution, it is important to be legally conscious. Considering just how you can commit a crime without you being aware of it, this subject lets students become aware of the consequences and the actions that would have legal consequences. Also, it could work on their interest as they will know how the law would protect them.

Best Age For Them To Know the Law

Once you are at Year 11 and 12, this simply means that you are already old enough to be implicated by the law for any wrong doing that you will be committing. Being aware of your rights is also a big part of teaching how the legal system works for Year 11 and Year 12 students. As early as becoming legal of age, it is important for them to know what are their constitutional rights and how they should not try to step on others as well.

Helps Students Aiming For a Legal Career

Whether a student wants to pursue a career in law and politics, this subject can help him or her decide. This program aims to develop things that would let any student perform. Though the program is less detailed than what you can get when you enter law school, this is comprehensive enough to cover things that would give you an idea on what you can expect from entering law and politics.

Learn the Effectiveness of the Law

What’s the use of knowing the law if you know for a fact that it will not do anything it says? It is important for any Australian citizen to learn the role of law when it comes to conflicts and how the system can provide justice. This instills the concept of consequences especially for someone who has the tendency to commit illegal acts.

Legal studies would include different parts of the constitution to be discussed to the Year 11 and 12 students. From crime to human rights to the relation of Australian law to the existing international law, this makes a good way to make students legally aware of the things that they should and shouldn’t do. Also, it will enable them to be legally aware of their rights. As for the students planning to take a career as a lawyer in Australia, this can also be a good subject to have an idea on what you can expect on your collegiate years.

Study Law in Australia

Studying Law in the professional environment of Australia provides a lot many opportunities to students. The biggest temptation for students to join law courses is the bright future of law students. These courses bring along status, prestige and wonderful employment opportunities.

Law schools in Australia provide legal training across many areas so open doors of variety of sectors like politics, business, international law, intellectual property law, banking and legal studies related to sports, health, and the media. If you have already graduated in any other discipline then your law degree would be of three years. After secondary schooling degree would probably take four to five years for completion.

Many schools allow you to take ‘double degree’: that is, in a five years period a student undertakes two degrees in parallel – one of them law and the other might be Arts, Commerce or Science. In that case, you would finish your tertiary education in Australia with two degrees. Main universities and schools of Law are following:

Monash university- Victoria-Melbourne: Monash University is among the top three universities of Australia. Studying law at Monash offers a lot of flexibility to students. Monash provides in-depth coverage of all sectors related to law. The impressive resources and reputation of Monash University is bound to escalate the career growth of all students. The staff at Monash helps in developing critical thinking and skills for research and analysis. Monash Law is a high quality, innovative course for a changing world and produces graduates for Australian and international employers.

Murdoch University- Perth: Murdoch University has a progressive outlook and is totally committed to quality. These factors make Murdoch’s Law School the natural choice for students from whole world interested in a career in the Law. The curriculum of law school has been moulded to meet the needs of our modern society. Course is having a strong international perspective so offers opportunities across the world. Many of the ex-students of this university work with organisations such as the United Nations, in places such as Kosovo and the Gaza Strip with the United Nations Peace Keeping Force, and in New York at the United Nations.

University of New South Wales-Sydney: UNSW Law School graduates are held in the highest regard in Australia and overseas. UNSW has got international recognition due to large number of its students getting Rhodes, Fulbright and other prestigious scholarships every year. The Law School has had 5 Rhodes Scholars in the last 7 years – an achievement which is not matched by any other university in Australia. University offers various courses like Law in information age, Sport and law in western world, Cyberspace law, Criminal law, Children and law, commercial law, Disability rights and law, Industrial law, Insurance law, Media law, Public interest litigation, Laws of banking, Social security law and Sports law.

University of Sydney: University of Sydney has one of the world’s finest Law Schools. Sydney Law School is famous for its commitment to excellence in legal education. This was the first Law School to be established in Australia. University concentrates on small group teaching of its undergraduate programs and the extensive range of postgraduate programs. Special emphasis is given on international and comparative law.

Bond University: One of the Top-Ranked Australian Law Schools, it was the first private university of Australia. The Bond Law School provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which will surely equip you for careers in the legal profession, business and government. The School has expertise in all major areas of law. Faculty of law is in Queensland. Bond was listed by Forbes as one of the most expensive universities of world and the most expensive university of Australia for 2008.

Other important law schools include- University of New England- Law School, University of New Castle- School of Law, James cook University and Flinders University. All the universities specialize in one or more disciplines with in Law. So Australia is the best choice if you are interested in making a career in the field of Law.